My first "Red-Rocker" entry

June 19, 2010 by RedFootRocker

Hi everbody to my first "RR" blog enty.

My Name name is... my name is... NOT Eminem!

I'm Franky, born 10/28/1961 and a rock scorpion too. I live in the beautiful city called Hamburg in Germany.
I work as a sales manager inside the music industry for now 25 years.
Here from Germany I follow the Red-Rocker career since many many years, listen to Montrose, the solo stuff from Sammy, the great Van Halen chapter, the big WABO waves, until to the topical cool, freaky and unbelievable Chickenfoot situation.

Since over a half year i'm a member (singer) in the rock band called
4CabooZ' !

Next time more....


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