Chickenfoot reminder live in Düsseldorf/Germany 19.01.2012

February 21, 2012 by RedFootRocker

Hello Foot Soldiers,

don`t forget the German TV Broadcast Show "Rockplalast" this week.
Sunday 26.02.2012 (Monday)00:15h MEZ/CET

Raise some Rock!


"The RedFootRocker"

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"Turning Left" - Düsseldorf/Germany 01.19.2012 (WDR Rockpalast)

January 26, 2012 by RedFootRocker

Hello ChickenFootHeads,
Hello Sammy,

What can I say?! ... thanks a lot to you Sammy, Mike, "Smokin" Joe and Kenny for a awesome fuckin, outstanding Concert in Dusseldorf at your Europe Road Test Tour! OH YEAR! That shit rocks!
(... and the dark beer does also :-))

This masterpeace of a (live) Rock performance was also filmed (thanks again) for the long-standing German TV Broadcast Show called "Rockpalast"!
The whole set to be on the air: 02.25.2012
For more further information:


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Happy Birthday!

October 13, 2011 by RedFootRocker

-RedRocking- Birthday Sammy!

Wish you all the best! Had a plan come to Cabo this year ...but get no tix. Maybe next year ... therefore i was so lucky to by today my Chickenfoot tix for the gig in Düsseldorf/Germany. See you there ...


Franky "The RedFootRocker"

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"Red-Store" for the RedHeads !

May 24, 2011 by RedFootRocker

Hello Sammy, hello RedRocker Crew,

at fist congratulations for your outstanding success with your book ... I hope there is soon a authorised translation in german ...

I was so happy when i saw there is a brand new RedRocker Store! Great!

But what`s about the RedRocker fans outside the US, especially in Europe? SAMMY, WE NEED MERCH-STAFF particula the mindblowing new Lake Tahoe Tee and more ... Please urgent request to hurry up with the Store to ship merch outside the US. Thx!

The RedFootRocker (Hamburg/Germany)

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Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year !

December 23, 2010 by RedFootRocker

Hello outthere,

I wish Sammy & Family, all CaboWaboheads, Chickenfootheads, Redheads, Deadheads and Headheads...a wonderful peaceful Christmas time and a rocking and healthy 2011 !

Rock on at New Years Eve !

Out of a deed snowy Hamburg in Germany best wishes from Franky the

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October 13, 2010 by RedFootRocker

Hi Sammy,
miles away from Hamburg/Germany: All the Best!
And a great Birthday Bash Party! Let's wabo!

Franky "The RedFootRocker"

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September 20, 2010 by RedFootRocker

Hello Red Rockers,

here is my personal perfect dream gig wish-setlist...

-C U F
-Let Sally drive
-Let me take you there
-Red Voodoo
-Halfway to Memphis
-Would you do it for free
-Who has the right
-Deeper kinda love
-Heavy Metal
-Not for sale
-Sexy little thing (for the "FootFans")
-Sam I am
-Tropic of Capricorn
-Living on a Coastline
-There's only one way to rock
-My kinda girl (for the "FootFans")
-Things've changed
-Mas Tequila
-I can't drive 55

What a fantastic concert ! THX !

The RedFootRocker

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Merch-Store for the Redheads!

September 20, 2010 by RedFootRocker

is's truth there is no "Red Head Store" anymore? We need the Stuff man! Redhead apparel and needless to say the Cabo-Merch too, in one Store.PLEASE!

The RedFootRocker

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Sammy & Steven (Get your Buzz on Live)

August 04, 2010 by RedFootRocker

What a huge note to hear about the -Summer Tour- from The Wabos with Aerosmith! Magnificent! Well, there one can become a little envious already (...once again). Shit, Europa is so far away...but I wish all Redheads much fun and always a Tequila in the reach...

By the way...Our Bandproject (its just for fun) called "4CabooZ`" is going forward and we will playing our (very) first gig in November! It`s a exciting time...Our Name is a combination between Cabo (St. Lucas) and a sprayer in Hamburg/Germany called oz. If you have time look under

All the best!

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Soccer Redheads ?

June 24, 2010 by RedFootRocker

Hey, Readheads Worldwide,
is anybody following the Soccer world cup in South-Africa?
Congratulations to the US soccer team! Great job!
I'm happy about my team from Germany, too! It's also fantastic that Ghana goes to the eighth-final. It's good for the land and the whole continent. -The land ends where the party began-

Vuvuzela grettings!


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