WHY can't this be LOVE

Sammy...my autistic son has been a fan of yours for years. He is now 18 & informed me of The Circle's stop in Toledo about 1.5 months ago. "Dad, they are playing at the Zoo"...My response "uh huh...the zoo...ok Isaac, I doubt that"...Sure enough, I found some seats up front (row 2, Mikes side). Let me tell you, he had the time of his life!! And he is still walking around holding his arms in the air forming The Circle today! Thanks for the show, the pics, the signed Cabo Wabo Tequila visor & the memories!

P.S. Been a fan since Montrose, thru VH & all of it. Made the trip to Cabo 3 yrs ago for the B-day bash. Keep it going brother! Peace!

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