Question for those that went to the past two birthday bashes

January 07, 2013 by Red RockEER

I went in 2011, but not last year. Was it easier or harder to get tickets to last years show? We were able to get tickets to 3 shows in 2011. I'm planning to make it this year and was just trying to plan a little.

Also, does anyone know if they'll continue with the lottery system this year? I think most of us would pay more for tickets if we knew we could get them.

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Thanks for the info guys!

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The first response you got hit the nail right on the head. I will add that a post by admin has confirmed that this year the lottery system will once again be used. They did say that ticketing is being worked on to have it earlier. This will give fans more time to know they have gotten in and therefore book/save up. There was also a mention of not having the system draw people for multiple shows. This was a major complaint from regular attendees who got not a one show, but others got all four shows.

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FYI: It was much harder with the lottery system! If you are going to Cabo for the shows, only plan the trip once you have your tickets to the show(s)! Nothing has been said in regards to if the system will change, but I don't think it will! They more than likly will sell the tickets earlier this year, since people have to book their trips in advance & were complaining about that fact! Most of the Regulars got shut out while alot of Newbies got the bulk of the tickets! Personally I think they should just go back to the "Live Internet On Sale" way, but it seams they want the tickets to go out to a larger mass of fans rather than the hard core people who have been going for 20 plus years! We'll see what happens but there will never be something done that everyone likes! Paying more probably wouldn't change much! I would like to see a real Fan Club with the perks of getting tickets for being a member before the lottery!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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I would also like to know. We've never been, but are hoping to get tickets for this year.