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January 16, 2013 by RED ROC

I am trying to collect a Cabo Wabo empty tequila bottle from every generation. I am missing the original ceramic (Holy Grail) bottle gen 1 glass bottle and a bottle of uno the best of the best! Does anyone know where I can buy these Cabo Wabo Tequila bottles so I can complete my collection?

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sadly enough none of those mas tequila bottles will not have to much value regardless of being on e-bay in this day and age or generations to come thats for sure. sammy hagar, van halen and other good bands in their league were given the title "legends in their own time", but it will be many years before any booze bottle of any sort period will have any significant value. there are simply to many of them in circulation to say the least. it would take a huge fund raising miracle to pay out any fan good money for his collectables period if that was his/her intention! so why not just keep the bottles instead of trying to make money off of them or other items that are suppose to be memorable to a "so called" (true blue fan) for generations to come.

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Currently there is a Cabo Uno bottle on ebay for sale and keep watching the original ceramic bottles go up once in awhile. Good luck$$$$

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im trying to do the same thing.


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ya, reach out to "cabo wabo doug".he has the original up from time to time on ebay, but it aint cheap!!