October 14, 2014 by RED ROC

I have tried for years to get tixs to your bday bash finally I got a pair for Oct 13, I was looking forward to party with all the Redheads in Cabo this year! I really appreciate that you allowed ticket holders to transfer to the Vegas venue on the 18th of Oct, unfortunately I will be unable to attend. :(
Hey its all good Sammy I have booked a vacation next year Oct 10-17th in Cabo. Hopefully (fingers crossed) next year I get picked from the draw again and get tixs for your bday bash in 2015. Hope you have a great rockin good time in Las Vegas, I know you will bring the roof down and with all the support of the Redheads it will be one hell of a bday bash!!

Love & Happiness!

rick =)

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