Would really love 2 buy tickets to the RR Cabo Birthday Bash, PLEASE!!!!!!! 713 907 7424

September 30, 2012 by Red Hot Susan

Hi Red Rockers! I would really love to buy 2 tickets to this B-Day Bash in Cabo. If you have tickets and can't go, please contact me at 713 907 7424 ASAP. Don't post me, but call. This is a surprise for someone if I can pull it off. 0:)Sammy Rules!

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If they can't go you will not be able to buy their "tickets". Don't get taken by someone with one of these crazy offers going around. There are no actual tickets for starters only wristbands. The person who was originally picked must be present in order to get them. They will have the first band put on them and if another was requested put on guest. There are no bands just handed out.