A red miracle?

May 18, 2011 by Red-Betty

I've been lucky to see Sam 4 times/so far, 'energizer-bunny Sam' w/his Standing Hampton tour(Fresno/'82) then Van Halen-'95 in "BFE" @ George, Washington at the Gorge-where Sam comes out on the stage & sez "Where the F@ck did all you people come from?!"-then VanHalen again(Seattle/2004), & flew to LA to see Chickenfoot's last show. Each time is so worth it. My little Red-miracle began Tuesday when I drove home from work mid-day to buy tix on line for the Puyallup Fair, WA show Sept. 14th.
Odd things happened, the website said tix not avail till the 18th pre-sale, but conflicting web info on another area of the fair's email said it was the 17th...so I erred on the side of trying the 17th & heck, would have done the same on the 18th if I had to. I had computer problems with the sites freezing up, and finally got a nice human (Rebecca) from the fair site. She helped me try to secure tickets...not up close but in a decent area (any would have been worth it for sure) and when she tried to click them in she sighed and said someone beat her to it. She said the tickets were going like wildfire. She seemed surprise; so I assumed she was not a RedHead.
I was so bummed & figured anywhere in the arena would sound good but I asked her to please locate me any good seats as soon as possible (I was more fearing not getting tickets at all).
The pauses were long at that point, I even was worried our connection was lost - when all of a sudden she calmly relayed she got 2 seats secured in the infield. I asked her to read the seats off to me again. I could not believe it, they were actually in the 10th row ---way better than the first possibility she had given me and then lost out on.

Nothing could have made it better than when she said she clicked & secured the tickets and I looked down at the computer monitor clock and it said 10:13, I sh!t you not! (boy if she could have seen my grin) I told her she was an angel.
I call that my little Red-miracle and I'm counting the days to see my very first Sammy & the Wabos show. My hubby says 'but you've seen him 4 times already'...I say being a RedHead is like having chocolate. I know I like it, so why should there be a limit? Rock on red-heads & appreciate the little things.

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The tickets actually went on sale a few minutes EARLY...and the scalpers jumped in and locked up the computer system! I was lucky enough to get ONE decent ticket....if they had gone on sale at 10am instead of 9:56, it would have been more fair to all of us Redheads! I hope you got an ok ticket. I did send an email to the lady in charge of the ticketing at the Fair with my complaint about the TOO EARLY sale start. You might send her a note too. You probably have an email from her, since she had to send out emails saying that there was a MISTAKE on the print your own ticket...the completely wrong date for the show! I thought this would be handled better than Ticketmaster...but NO. Now the scalpers are, yet again, selling the front row seats and making lots of money. SAMMY, we are so upset!!!!