Just Jammin with the Band & >5,000 of My Closest Friends!

My wife bought tickets to the 8/27/16 show at the Fantasy Springs Resort & Spa as an early b-day gift (two months early!). Great seats in a nice sized venue. The Circle had played the night before in Lake Tahoe but you'd never know it by the quality of the performance! With only about a 20 hour turnaround Sammy, Mickey, Vic, and Jason appeared to be having the time of their lives. Yes, it was like hanging out with your local garage band with all your closest friends and just having a party - of course these guys are WAY more talented than that local neighborhood garage band!

From the anthology video that opened the show (great idea by the way) to the excerpts from "MTV" videos that played behind and accompanied the songs the band was playing live, to Jason's thundering beat setting the tone (I can only think that Jason's dad looks down and beams with pride every time Jason lays it down), to Vic's incomparable guitar and vocals, Mickey's booming bass and "Mr. High" back-up (and more and more lead) vocals, to the vocals, energy, passion, guitar rhythms and leads of the man that makes this all possible, Sammy you couldn't have asked for more! But of course we always want more from them, don't we!

Hope you enjoy this average quality video sharing just one piece of last nights EVENT! See you in Cabo!

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