Birthday bash 2012?

January 29, 2012 by Razorback

Does anybody have a clue when birthday bash is? Need to make plans now!!!

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what kind of changes are you hearing? I go every year regardless but curious as to what kind of changes they are considering. I'm actually going down for week next month.

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i have a time share avail at the pueblo bonita rose, all iwant is maint. fees 550.00 contact me at

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Dude. You should wait wait until the official post. .....unless you plan on visiting either way. big changes expected this year!

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Usually 4 shows that week and USUALLY every other night. go there once....

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Thanks man, will Sammy be playin just one nite or will he b there a lot?first trip down..

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It will most likely be October 7 thru the 13.