January 24, 2017 by Rawkit


I just joined for one reason.

I wanted to say that im a fan of your talent and drive, yes, but I respect you for your absolutely sincere appreciation for life and for your apparent values.

I was just watching your Dan Rather interview and your smile and your comments are infectious!

You get it. Be proud of yourself Sammy,

You deserve the wealth you have stockpiled in my humble opinion. You see, i havent been fortunate enough to become rich but i, too see the good in people and draw from the positives in life most often. Life gets us down sometimes, but i say that character is born from adversity. Your childhood, though tough, certainly favoured your development.

Live long and laugh much. Thank you for lifting my spirits today. I had one too many weights piled on me today and was considering an ultimate decision that cant be reversed and that thought is distant at least for now because of you.

I hope one day to perhaps thank you in person.


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