My dad is such a HUGEEE fan.

June 22, 2011 by rachie16l

Hey Sammy Hagar I hope you get a chance to see this!! My name is Rachel and I am 19 years old, and I have grown up in a family that have always been such huge fans of yours. My dad has always loved you, and I know he looks up to you so much. Here's some crazy facts about my family that will probably make you laugh and smile.
My parents honeymoon was in Cabo.
We named our German Sheppard Hagar, and our Pug Sammy.
My dad has had lizards named after Eddie and Alex Van Halen.
My dad drinks a bottle of Cabo Wabo every week. (he loves that stuff)
Also, I have a little sister and her name is Kama. My parents fell in love with the song you Wrote about your daughter Kama, and how she was a miracle child. They thought that name was perfect for this baby because my mom had her tubes tied after I was born and then 8 years later she was pregnant, and so we consider our Kama to also be a miracle child. :]
I know you would just get a kick out of meeting my family and seeing how much my dad has always looked up to you.
He is such an amazing father and does so much for everyone. He has a big heart and would do anything for us. I have 3 older brothers and a little sister and he has always been there no matter what. And now he is a grandpa to 3 (almost 4) babies and would do anything for them to.
I just wanted to share on this website hoping you would see it and know what a big impact you have had on my father and my entire family.

Rachel :]

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