Thank you Admin!. How cool is that!

September 11, 2010 by RACER-X

Aug 5, 2010
To Admin...

Hey peoples..
Any possibility of getting a small "Countdown to Cabo" Timer..on the site. Adjustable to everyone's time ... and also featuring a 10/13 countdown... Just an idea.

Hey that's great! Ask and you shall receive! Awesome!!

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I'll be in on the 13th...23 days to go.
This is my first time back in 4 years...

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My own ticker is down to 17 days now!! Can't wait to get back there it has been a while for me.

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I was stoked when they answered back and said they would work on it...Thanks Mike.. and I agree, it adds a sense of anticipation... As if there wasn't one already!!.. See you there!

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The Ticker rules!!!