Virtual Birthday Bash

August 17, 2020 by ptac85
Virtual Birthday Bash

THIS was the year that I was FINALLY going to Cabo for the Birthday FIRST vacation in over 6 years. Thanks Covid. As a front line worker that has worked since the beginning of this nonsense...the thought of it helped me through the days, I was sad when I had to get my tickets all refunded. I wonder if Sammy would be up to live streaming a concert from the cantina for a virtual birthday bash?

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hoppyshirts's picture

since we're going to be in Cabo, why not just make the undisclosed location, well you know.....pretty please?

Georgefam's picture

This is a GREAT idea! I cannot wait for the details on this.

redrocker327's picture

So the Birthday Bash will be done Pay Per View of course from an undisclosed location. I would imagine an official announcement will be made soon.

kcrules69's picture

Great Idea, I tweeded to Sammy about this, do it right hear on his web site so all of us Red Heads can enjoy.