Virtual Birthday Bash

August 17, 2020 by ptac85
Virtual Birthday Bash

THIS was the year that I was FINALLY going to Cabo for the Birthday FIRST vacation in over 6 years. Thanks Covid. As a front line worker that has worked since the beginning of this nonsense...the thought of it helped me through the days, I was sad when I had to get my tickets all refunded. I wonder if Sammy would be up to live streaming a concert from the cantina for a virtual birthday bash?

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hoppyshirts's picture

since we're going to be in Cabo, why not just make the undisclosed location, well you know.....pretty please?

redrocker327's picture

So the Birthday Bash will be done Pay Per View of course from an undisclosed location. I would imagine an official announcement will be made soon.

kcrules69's picture

Great Idea, I tweeded to Sammy about this, do it right hear on his web site so all of us Red Heads can enjoy.