No B-Day week tickets again :(

August 06, 2013 by pmtom1
No B-Day week tickets again :(
B-Day night 2011 OUTSIDE!
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In 2011, we got two nights including the 13th OUTDOORS which was by far the best concert of my entire life! Just Magical! But after getting skunked 2012 (went anyway) & again in 2013 (going anyway) I wonder if we used up all our luck! We've done the sidewalk camping & understand why something had to change. I know there is no easy answer but what about only allowing 1 pair of tickets per person until everyone gets theirs? Its seem many get 2 and 3 pairs while other get none. Oh well! We'll be there and hope for second chance, dinner tickets or someone with extras to share! Mas Tequila!

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No B-Day week tickets again :(
B-Day night 2011 OUTSIDE!

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To: Chowderhouse - We did the same thing for my husband - he too was shut out. It showed no transactions because he didn't get selected the first time around. We put in my information and it showed that I had 2 transactions (which is correct because I got picked for 2 shows). Since there were no "transactions" for my hubby there was no information there to pop up? Very confusing I know??

Good luck on the 2nd chance drawing!

TX- Harleymomma

PS: We have been shut-out in the past but always managed to see a show or two. Be good to your fellow Redheads and they will be good to you!

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When I originally registered it gave me a verification on the spot, followed by an email verification. On one of the submittals I didn't have all the required information, and it would have been easy to miss the registration was not accepted.

I don't think it depends on when you registered. I was not able to register until the next to last day and still got 2 shows. I understand people thinking it should be limited to one pair....I didn't get anything last year.

Now we are going 1st and last show. Spending 10 nights in Cabo, which was more than we were prepared for, but it will be a never forgotten experience.

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The plot thickens. First I went on to register for tickets @10:05am the first available day then I could not access the proper area, then called the provided number and was walked through by a rep who said I was all registerered and good to go. Now here comes the E-mail for the second chance drawing, it says to click the link to verify your E-mail address for past transactions and I put in every available option such as past 7 days, past 30 days, 2013 etc and it shows no transactions so it looks like I was not registered at all. Is there anybody I can speak to or any place I can go to at least be entered for the drawing. I understand the set up is to try to be fair and give people equal chances for tickets but this is not good, maybe a verification that you are actually in the drawing would be a good thing just sayin.

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Totally agree! We also have struck out with no tickets for past 2 years. Went anyway last year and going anyway this year. The sad part is that there are some who got tickets and don't know if they will make the trip until after the second chance drawing. If they don't go, those will be wasted tickets. Sure wish ppl wouldn't put in for tickets unless they know they will be there to use them

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Im right there with you PMTOM1