Tick Tock Tick Tock - it's almost time to ROCK!!!

September 30, 2010 by pjew

Wow, can't believe it's just around the corner! We arrive on the 7th!!!
I've been planning this trip since last year and never thought it would get here sooner. First time to Cabo! Planeed this trip around the "Birthday Bash"! We are so excited. We weren't able to get concert tix but praying to god that i get lucky and get dinner tickets for the 11th or 13th!!! pray for me, hehe!!! Tickets or not we're gonna have a blast and party till the 14th!!! Hope to meet some of yall 'Redheads'!!!!

woohoo party cabo wabo style!!!

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Thanks Mike for all the info!!

See ya down there in 3 days!!!

So excited i can't wait!!!

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To Brad and pjew, I think the actual part of being out on the sidewalk part sucks, but we always seem to meet new and great people (oh yeah thats how we met Brad and Lisa in Vegas, damn that was cold). I would rather be sleeping in my room but I think every redhead should do it at least once just for the experience.

See ya there!!

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Good to hear Mike ... gonna need some company tryng to get tickets for the 13th!

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i've never been to cabo, so tell me is staying in line overnight fun as it seems? Is it gonna be a wild party all night?
I don't mind - i'm in for it! Love it and looking forward to it!! I just hope it's all worth it - i hope i get tix!!!

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good luck with the tickets, I may see you in line just cuz I may go hang out there the night of the 9th into the morning of the 10th just to be around and meet some new redheads. Good luck again I hope you score some Tix.