Birthday bash ticket swap

September 25, 2012 by Pete K

Hey Red Heads....I have two tix for Tuesday night the 9th and two tix for Thursday night the 11th in Cabo. There are 4 of us going to Cabo and would love to have all 4 of us go to one of the shows together. Does anyone have two tix for either of those nights that you'd like to swap? If so please contact me at

See you in Cabo!!

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I don't see any way possible for you to swap tickets with someone. The person who buys the tickets MUST be present, and present a picture idea to get the wrist bands. There will be a table set up outside of the Cabo Wabo, you and your guest walk up. Whomever bought the tickets shows ID, it is checked against a list of names, then you both get your wrist bands. You can try going to the Cabo Wabo ahead of time with whomever you find to swap, and see if they can accommodate you. The people there are cool, and I am sure will try and help, but don't wait until showtime to do this.
Good Luck RedHead! See you in Cabo

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Amigo de los Ninos (ADLN) is having the usual birthday bash events. Which include Oct. 10th is the Booze Cruise and Oct. 12th is the Beach Party at Tabasco’s with silent auction.
**They will also have a raffle for show tickets on the 7th and 9th at 3pm at Baja Peppers in the Mar De Cortez. Feel free to spread the word about the events!