red rocker meet & greet 9-11-2010

September 14, 2010 by paulb055

I was the winner of the meet & greet passes @ the 9-11 show @ Harrahs, we had a picture taken w/ Sammy, they said we could download it from the website. Where can we get the photo? who can I contact about it?

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Howdy folks-- it's now up there! Sorry for the delay and hope you had a blast!

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yep, nothing about the photo.

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that's odd, mine was up here by Sunday and I had mine taken 09/10 in Indio, yours should definitely be up by now. I was actually wondering where you were myself!! I just checked admin's recent posts as well as the link to the show info for Tahoe and nothing? I wish I would help you more than that but I fortunately didn't have to ask anyone about mine, they were right on it.

Anyone else have a clue?