Aaron Hagar & The Wabos

September 13, 2010 by paulb055

The show was AWESOME!!!! Aaron did a great job!! Did anyone catch any of the guitar picks he threw out to the crowd? Chickenfoot was great also.

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I got a pick!! I was center stage about 12-15 rows back. He threw a hand full and I felt something hit me directly in my adams apple. I thought to myself....No way Aaron got a pick back this far. Sure enough.....I look down at my feet and low and behold...an Aaron Hagar and The Wabos Red pick. I talked with Aaron the next evening after dinner at the Cabo Wabo and he got a kick out of his feat of launching some picks that far!! He said there was a very limited quantity of those picks printed!! Great job Aaron and the Wabos!! Particulary enjoyed your after show jam session Saturday night at the Cabo Wabo!!

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My son did! We were about 3 rows back, center stage. He and the Wabos did a great job and it was cool to see Sammy and Kari enjoying the show from backstage!