Ohio Sammy tickets! For sale

June 22, 2011 by patty4645

Attention Ohio fans, I have extra pairs of tickets to the Ohio September 17,2011 Sammy Hagar and the Wabos w/3 Doorsdown and Phil Vassar show! I believe you can ONLY win these tickets! APR: $120.00 priceless . We love Sammy! Won extra tickets! Nationwide Arena Columbus, Ohio , will sell cheaper: contact me: patty4645@oh.rr.com

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Cabowaborita5150 congrats on winning tickets! Your post made me laugh & I had to comment, I had to purcase tickets from Craigs list, but didn't pay $120 for 3 tickets!

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I just won 2 tickets over the weekend and my tickets say that there is $0.00. I was wandering how did you figured that the tickets were worth $120 for the pair? Or was that $120 per ticket?