Some Things Just Aren't Meant to Be

October 06, 2010 by patrickv005

Well Redheads, another one bites the dust. My girlfriend and I won't be making the trek to Cabo this year. Things went from bad to worse as time for Sammy got closer.

First, the friend that we met last year during Birthday Bash and was going to meet us there again this year, had a massive heart attack and died. Chip was 39 years old and was looking forward to his first Bash. Very sad.

Then, my 16 year old dog had to be put down. I'm still not over that. But, I thought what better way to get over the loss than to keep movin' and see Sammy. Cause Sammy has such a positive message.

Then, last weekend, my girlfriend had to have emergency gall bladder surgery, and had complications. She's still in the hospital.

This year's Birthday Bash is just not meant to be for us. I'm going to email the and tell them that they can sell my tickets if they want. Hopefully, they will. I know that many of you didn't get any.

Maybe next year........

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lady51x50's picture

Take a seat in the boat with the rest of us. It sucks don't it. Hang in there. All of us here can relate. So you always have someone to talk to. Hang in there.

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Its been a rough year on this end too, Hang in there! Be Strong!

302_Boss_Chick's picture

wow, 39 is too young, my sympathies to you and your friend's family.

We also had to put our 16 year old dog down about a month ago, I feel your pain on that one my friend♥

Will think positive thoughts for your girlfriend, hope she has a super speedy recovery. Make suer she's got some Sammy to listen to in that hospital room!!

Keep your chin up, things will turn around for ya soon I can feel it!!



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I am so sorry for your loss. Loosing two friends is tough. We had to put our 12 year old lab down in May and still grieving.
Keep rocking there is always next year!!

xlharr's picture

I am sorry.Sounds like a tuff year for you. I have had that surgery. Not as easy as they make it sound. Hope she gets better soon. Saw Sammy in Tahoe, coz we knew we couldn't afford Cabo this year. But we have the CD's and DVD's. That helps the sting a bit...don't forget,, "get your buzz on"