Sammy, Birthday Bash needs to be a huge fundraiser for Cabo!

September 24, 2014 by patrickv005


This is an open letter to you, Toby Keith, and Kenny Chesney.

Please consider making Birthday Bash a big fundraising concert with your regular cast of friends and characters. Cabo is hurting!! While the big resorts will rebound, many of their employees live in substandard housing and without support, may not be able to live in paradise anymore. Many of the Redheads lives have been touched by these people. Whether it is a bell hop, server at the local bar, or a T-shirt vendor on the beach, we all need to help these Cabo locals.

Thanks for your consideration.

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edwards097's picture

I totally agree. We've been heading to Cabo Since 2005 for the Birthday bash and vacation. It's like our second home and the people down there are so genuine and kind and make you feel at home. They need our help.. I'm not headed to vegas but were headed to Cabo next fall and I would like to see a big change down there for the better. I hope we can start donating or some type of fundraiser fast....