Have a drink with me!!

July 25, 2021 by packbeback

Can’t wait to see you Sammy in Springfield- Already saw you in Key West this year and have tickets to Vegas in October !! Sammy I need to have a drink with you - I have went everywhere following you for the last 30 years and you never disappoint but God damnitt I need to meet you !! Just one drink Call me out in Springfield Illinois -Will Bumphrey is my name - I bought 14 tickets for a bunch of old high school friends and their wives to come see you - I even bought 2 tickets for my mother in law and her best friend because she hears how much fun we always have and so she said she wants to go !! She is a cancer survivor and I know she’s going to love it !! I tried to do the VIP in Vegas but It sold out so fast I could only get the tickets !!! Lol -

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