P Johnny Appleweed McErlain

April 24, 2019 by P Johnny Appleweed

I have been banned from Harrahs I’m very pissed off.

Bastards do not know, I’ve been a local Bay Area fav of the Red Rocker I cannot Drive 55 either. Fuck em if they cannot take a joke.

I might need to go to New Mexico to see Sammy on Saturday those fucking fuck wads hate skateboarding and weed.
I have money I can afford a great seat. Bastards got NO love NO joy NO FUN!

I want to be a comedian named Johnny Appleweed I hate everyone and everything because a judge is trying to take my house and will not allow me a chance to open a Bud and break out of my house in San Bruno so I left town for Vegas now I’m stuck in this hell hole hotter than the hinges of hell, smoke weed be free, leave me the fuck alone.

NO whales on wheels!!

P Johnny Appleweed McErlain

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Why is this fb rant on redrocker. Please delete it.