Wounded Warrior Program

September 30, 2010 by Ozzie

Hey hey Sammie,
I am in the Wounded Warrior Program at Ft Gordon, GA. and have been a big fan for many years. I was wondering if you would consider performing for the guys here. We are mostly here because of injuries incurred in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are alot of us here that are fans.
I know that you are very busy and this is alot to ask, it is just something I thought would be cool for the guys here.

Your fan,
SFC Joe Oswalt
AKA Ozzie (Recon)

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lindat018's picture

What a great idea. Sammy Hagar is the man with soul and such a great spirit for life. I hope the right people get your message to him, because I believe he would do it for all of you! Servicemen & Servicewomen - people like you have a courage that is amazing and truly appreciated.

Best wishes for healthy recoveries and God bless you for sure!

Love, hugs & peace, Linda

lady51x50's picture

That would be so totally awesome. I hope Sam comes through for you guys.

And from me to you.... THANK YOU! for everything you have done. All of you are a true HERO'S. I hope you are okay and doing well. :)