It's 5150 tiiiime

September 13, 2010 by anonymous (not verified)
It's 5150 tiiiime

Hey Redheads!

I just joined up as the new lead singer for OU812-A Tribute To Sammy Hagar & Van Halen.

I saw Sammy for the first time on the Roth/Hagar tour,
(San Bernadino,Ca) and again in 2004 with Van Halen (Chula Vista, Ca).

I gotta tell ya, our guitarist, Angel, has always been tellin me how cool hanging with the 'Heads is, and what a party the whole Cabo lifestyle is,
and so far, I can't argue one bit.

Years ago I took a trip to Cabo, staying at a resort on the highway between San Lucas & San Jose...
Sammy's club kicks a**!!!!

Now, I've never been to St Louis, except for passing through the city on a bus too long ago to remember...I can't wait to get there & see the city! (Might need a chaperone or two..)

As the time goes by, I hope to meet & hang with a bunch of you at the gigs,and who knows?
Maybe one day I might even meet the boss himself...
shake his hand, thank him for all the great tunes over the years.

We've done 2 warm-up shows with the new lineup,
and everyone I've met has been GREAT.

Our first official Relaunch show will be FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15th, 2010

Hope to make some new friends.

Take Care-
Jason Lee

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That would be a good deal on the off nights during the bash. Nothing against the house band but thinking more of those that weren't able to get tickets. It would be the next best thing IMO.

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Sounds like a good time but unfortunately I will still be stuck in a sleepy little town, south of the border then.......

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Congrat's Jason...
Hope to make it to the gig at the BB&G in St. Louis... It's a 4 hour trip but we do it on a regular basis. So if we make it hope to meet you guys before or after the show...