My first Sammy Concert - Houston, Texxas Jam 1983 (Didn't know Sammy's Guitar was stolen)

December 05, 2011 by OneLMichele

The Texxas Jam was the informal nickname of an annual summer arena rock concert called the Texxas World Music Festival (1978-1988). It was held at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas and in Houston, Texas at either the Astrodome or Rice Stadium on the campus of Rice University.

Sammy Hagar had a guitar stolen backstage at the Cotton Bowl show, it was returned later that day. However, Hagar vowed to never play it again after it had been handled by someone else and lit it on fire on stage the next day at the Houston show.

1983 (Dallas - June 18, Houston - June 19):

* Styx (Kilroy Was Here tour)
* Sammy Hagar
* Triumph
* Ted Nugent
* Uriah Heep

Trivia: Ted Nugent and Rik Emmett joined Sammy Hagar on stage in Dallas for their version of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love." Tommy Shaw recalls these shows as being some of the worst of his career. He claims to have feared for his life as his band was performing a play after some of the best hard rock bands of the day had performed.

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