Chickenfoot in Detroit 5/14/12

March 07, 2012 by OneLMichele

I am so happy to finally do something for myself ---> VIP tichet to the Detroit Show! I love the new III CD. #3, #4 (my fav), #6 (sexiet), #8, #9 #10 (backup vocals, off the chart!) are all great songs, well constructed appealing to the ear! I am so grateful for my ability to hear music. It brings us all together and sooths the soul....It reminds us that life can be lived moment to moment. I get so excited when a new CD comes out that I have been waiting for. Just to read the lyrics and listen for the first of countless times to the songs! Just a little piece of heaven on earth to me!

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My first Sammy Concert - Houston, Texxas Jam 1983 (Didn't know Sammy's Guitar was stolen)

December 05, 2011 by OneLMichele

The Texxas Jam was the informal nickname of an annual summer arena rock concert called the Texxas World Music Festival (1978-1988). It was held at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas and in Houston, Texas at either the Astrodome or Rice Stadium on the campus of Rice University.

Sammy Hagar had a guitar stolen backstage at the Cotton Bowl show, it was returned later that day. However, Hagar vowed to never play it again after it had been handled by someone else and lit it on fire on stage the next day at the Houston show.

1983 (Dallas - June 18, Houston - June 19):

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Sammy Comerica Park - Opening for Kid - THE BEST Of Both Worlds!

November 06, 2011 by OneLMichele

I was so pleased to have my very fav, Mr. Sammy Hagar open at Comerica Park this summer for Kid Rock. When that was announced I was all over it! The best of both worlds for me came together in one hell of a show! The first time I saw Sammy was in 1983 at the Texas Jam and I have been going to his concerts whenever the Red Rocker, Waboritas or Chickenfoot come to MI. I am a devoted fan, who hasn't read his book . . . YET. I need a vacation to read a good book, so I am saving the read until I can get away!

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