March 20, 2019 by OldNumber7

Cant wait for registration to open up! Only been there one time for the show, I'll be 50 this year... gotta make at least 1 more trip to see Sammy and the boys! Great Bday present for sure. I think we are going regardless, but gotta hit the lottery!
Who all is going? We need to set up a booze cruise or all meet up downtown and get the party started Cabo Wabo style!!

Long Live the Red Rocker and all the REDHEADS! See you in Cabo TRUST FUND BABIES!!

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Thanks RR327... we need to all get on board the Cruise and have a blast Cabo Wabo style. :)

Evil and Amax.. we will all be at the mercy of the lottery. But agree, we are coming down regardless. Hopefully we get tickets, I would hate to be there and not go in.

I'll follow back up here soon. It will be a little while before the lottery opens. GOOD LUCK ALL.

SAMMY... If you reading, hook us up brother!!! LONG LIVE THE RED ROCKER

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When I have more information regarding the cruises I will post back. Thanks for your interest.

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Where can we get info on the October 10th. cruise? We are coming down whether we get tickets or not.

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Sweet!! How can we participate in this? We have a group coming to celebrate 50th Birthdays with Sammy and NEEEEED to get tickets to the show as well as one of these cruises. #Hoosiers@Hagar

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There are usually two REDHEAD cruises that take place during the Birthday Bash week. I know one will take place on October 10th. This one is a fund raiser for a great Cabo charity organization called Amigos De Los Ninos (ADLN). It in years past has been $45 for the cost. The other one has been on October 13th in the morning, and not sure if that one will happen. The cruise mentioned first is a sunset one.