June 06, 2018 by OldNumber7

Time to get planning for October. Can't wait to head back one more time. Who all is planning on going and ready to celebrate 71 years of the RED ROCKER!

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Is the extra ticket spoken for?

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Two years in a row! Wife doesn't want to go so, flying solo to the First Show on the 9th! I have a second ticket!!!!

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This is the lame response I received back regarding why some people got notified they didn't win and others did not -

"You would have received a detailed email if you won.

If there are any tickets left un-purchased by the random drawing winners, they will go into a first come, first served onsale (most likely at the end of July).

- Sammy Hagar Webmaster"

I'm totally cool with not winning tickets, we go down to Cabo that week regardless of tickets but it would be nice if they could get their shit together on these drawings and be a little bit more consistent.

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Well... Im BUMMED. No tickets again this year.

I dont know what happened this year. Its different than all the other years. Typically it took longer to announce the winners. I like the quick turn around for planning purposes, but hope things werent just rushed.
Also.. they always had a 2nd lottery for tickets that people didnt claim. Not this year, it looks like they may open up an online link to purchase any leftovers.

Either way... I am bummed along with the rest of you REDHEADS, that I aint going.

SAMMY - MIKEY.... I still wanna go fellas!
Long live the REDROCKER!!

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I got my confirm a few days ago to attend the 11th but the link won't work and Eventbrite will not respond to questions. Anyone else having this issue. The error message is 414 Request-URI Too Large. Not sure what the issue is. Thanks!

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Agree really inconsistent with the whole draw this year. Some people received confirmation emails saying they won prior to June 18th? I went last year to 2 shows by getting tickets via the second try. Hope to do the same again this year, but yes it would ne nice if Admin could be more consistent , and at least have a link up to check that you were not chosen.

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Does anyone know if they will have walk up dinner tickets like they have in the past ? We didn't win a chance at tickets, but would still love to go.

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Same situation here.... no E-Mail either way!?!?

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Yes we have the same situation.

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I never got an email either

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Can Admin please explain why some people got notifications that they were not chosen but others did not? I haven’t received an email either way. It’s not very consistent!

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Are they still sending out confirmations or were they all sent yesterday? Bummer if so. Did not get one this. Was so hoping too. Went last year and out was amazing. Was hoping to again. I may go down anyways as its my birthday too.

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Does anyone know if there is a registration winner lookup link likes year's past? Last year a friend of mine won tickets and did not get an email, the only way he found out was by the lookup link.

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Same for me, "414 Request URL too large" is all I get, emailed info @redreocker and eventbrite and have not heard back yet

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I have the same issue. I won tickets to 10-13- show and when I go to the link "414 Request- URL too long" is all I get.I have emailed both Info@redrocker and eventbrite but have not got any response yet.

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Just received email stating that I did NOT get chosen, but to stay tuned for a special announcement on June 25..... :(

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i got mine in the email the 16th...my problem is when I click on the button as directed, the link doesnt work. Can't get an answer from eventbrite yet...

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i got tickets for 10/09/18, but when I click on the "ticket" button, I get a message saying the form submissiin doesnt work...anyone else get this? HELP!

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How did you get tickets?? It was my understanding they were not drawing until the 18th??

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I am different poster but I got a confirmation email Saturday for tickets to the 10-13-18 show but the link will not allow me to purchase tickets.Its all seems legit, I will check on it today

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Got my notice for night 3 on Friday night.Tickets,airfare and hotel are booked!! Wisconsin Redheads in the house!!!!

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Third time trying and this time we lucked out and got tickets for night #1. Can't wait. No money to pay for this trip but what the hell going anyways.

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Cross everything Kelley! haha Grab the neighbor and make them do it too. Hope to see everyone in CABO

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Sounds good Redheads...Hope Sammy has a 100th Birthday Bash!! Long live the Red Rocker! I am entered, locked and loaded and ready to get that email saying YOU'VE GOT TICKETS!

Happy early Birthday ED.. great way to celebrate a 50th Birthday.
When it gets closer, we need to all pick a spot on the town and have pre-party party..ha ha

CABO WABO playing on the radio now... Im ready!

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I have entered the lottery to come celebrate your 71st with you Sammy! I have my fingers, toes and anything else I can cross hoping I get chosen!!! Cheers!

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Visit http://bit.ly/2018bdaybash (this link is also on the recent news post and each of the event pages, as well as Sammy's social pages). Good luck! :)

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ok where the heck to i sign up ????? i cant find anything lol

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headed up for my 50th hoping i get tickets to this dream of mine since they first opened it IM Ready IM READY IM READY

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We fly in on the 13th hoping to get to go! Last time we went was for his 55th! #REDROCKER