Didn't get the email :-(

July 23, 2010 by nunyagd

All - Looks like tix for the Bash will be sold through the website - sweet! However, for some reason, I didn't get the email :-(

Anyone have any idea as to why? I already have plane tickets and a hotel for this year - can't miss the Bash!


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Yup, they were enabled... Anybody have the email address for the sales team?

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Or, it may be that the new members are not 1013 members. I had a friend who is going to Cabo with us sign up a few days ago and he didn't get the email. I had told him to turn the notifications on when he signed up. Maybe the only ones getting the email will be those of us who were paid 1013 members. Not sure.

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Also make sure you have checked ENABLED in your Notification Settings. If it is DISABLED you will NOT get any notices from the website.



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Great idea!!! Any idea where I can get their email address?

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Great idea!!! Any idea what their email address might be?


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Send an email to the RedRocker Sales Team and they will add you to the list.