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ALL Redheads - Please read the below response to a message I sent to Redrocker sales. Pretty crappy way to treat loyal fans who travel thousands of miles to support their fav rocker!! My question is does Sammy even know that this is how his fans are being treated? After following the redrocker for decades, I tend to think not (or at least I'm hoping not). So .... Sammy, if you're listening, please step in and get your ticket nazi under control!! Exchanging tickets between fans is nothing like holding a place in line and offering a refund because your system had an obvious glitch doesn't fix the problem either!! Redheads - if we don't speak out things will never change. I KNOW I'm not the only one that thinks this way!!

RESONSE I rec'd:

If you purchased one ticket that will be the ticket for you, it cannot be transferred, handed or given to another person. If so, it makes the system like a way to hold a place in line for someone else....sorry, this is the best way to split up 500 tickets that thousands want.....We can offer a refund if you request it before 8/31

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Hi - I was one of the many ppl that only got 1 ticket for a show due to some wierd glitch in the system. So are you actually saying that if we paid for one ticket, but wanted two, that we do not have the right to show up at the cantina and have that ticket we paid for placed on someone else's arm, if that person is with us? I understand not transferring the actual sale document to another person - that would seem to be a nightmare. But .... what is the big deal if we want to pay for the ticket as purchased and have it given to a friend as long as that friend is there with us???? You still get the money, the ticket is not being scalped for more money, and everyone is happy. Ppl have planned their entire year around this one week, spent thousands of dollars to trek thousands of miles to see Sammy(truly loyal fans!!) and are more than capable of working this out amongst themselves, and this is the thanks we are getting!! Seriously, I can't believe that Sammy Hagar would treat his loyal fans like this, so please provide clarification. Don't pee on everyone's parade, please. Thanks for your time.

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My gut feel is that there is little to nothing that goes on without Sammy knowing it. This new system has taken the "go with the flow" attitude out of the bash & that's a shame. I'm happy to have made it a few times & for the great people I've met along the way. Even with all the issues you need to experience it at least once. FDIC!!

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Okay, after discussing the issue of giving a ticket to another person, the answer is absolutely NO.It's disappointing,but NON-TRANSFERABLE means just that. No exceptions.

This came directly from REDROCKER today. You can get a refund by request until Sept 1 2011. Rules is Rules as painful as it is.

I do have to say I was Impressed with the fast and honest courteous response. That was nice :)

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Well, I for one am a little disappointed that I cant give the 1 ticket I have for the 13th, as this was for my first born son I was re-united with after 33 years, we are both musicians and love Sammy's music from the very first recordings. The original wording said You could not re-sale through another media,it never stated you could not GIVE the ticket to someone else :( now it says you can't after the fact. A refund will not replace an anticipated reunion with my son in beautiful Cabos..................Sadness

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Sorry, I'm siding with Sammy & his people! I'm tired of hearing there was a "glitch" during the ticket sales! There was no "glitch"...there were people who didn't know what they were doing & didn't get all set up with PayPal! I had absolutly no problem in getting two tickets to each of the four shows & my brother also had no problem with his orders! If you didn't change the amount of tickets from one to two & then hit the "Change" button, you got one ticket in your cart! Remember this info:
"We strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with our on line store as well as the Payal process, we have upgraded our system since last year. If you have a Paypal account under a company name, be sure to add your name to the account or you will not be on the will call list. The tickets sell out extremely fast, so the more you are prepared the better your chances of getting tickets."

It's not Sammy's fault, nor is it his people's fault...just stop it! And for the transfer of is what has been posted for months:
"Tickets will be non refundable, non transferable and there are NO service charge fees. All sales are FINAL. If we find tickets being resold via ebay or other media,we will cancel all purchases by that customer and refund their money."

Sorry, it was all laid out for all of us! Be glad you have one ticket, show up & maybe a RedHead will help you out!
Good luck,
Doug aka "CWG"