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June 14, 2017 by Nsburke1

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Sorry I hit enter too soon and then my husband came around so I had to get off. This is a stretch of a request, because I'm sure this request comes by often, but I have nothing to lose and only an amazing opportunity to gain. My husband has been a Sammy fan since a young teen-before, during and after Van Halen, with and without Van Halen. We have been fortunate enough to see him a few times in the past and each time we leave, my husband is still reeling from the show and talks about it for days. He has read books about him, and has had Cabo Wabo as his #1 vacation spot for years-we just haven't had the finances nor the time to pull it off. We are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this October and I wanted so badly to surprise him with Cabo tickets for Sammy's birthday bash, but we just can't swing it. So I came across the tickets to Ravinia Festival on June 19th and thought HOW PERFECT! June 19th is my husband's 49th birthday. We may not be able to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary with Sammy for his Birthday but I can have him kind of celebrate his birthday with Sammy at a show. We have lawn seats because it was all I could do at the time-but am hoping there is a chance we, or just my husband, could be granted a brief encounter with Sammy. I don't have any sad story to report to make him worth of such an experience, but I do know it would mean the world to him and would make this the best birthday ever-and would make up for us not getting to Cabo for our 20th and for Sammy's birthday. If that is just impossible and cannot happen-a simple shoutout for my husbands birthday would be good enough. I would have gone crazy with Twitter and trying to reach out, but too many people that know my husband are on Twitter and I'm trying to see if I can pull this off as a surprise. Anything you are willing to do would be very much appreciated!

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Well what is your request