Sammy's Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash 2012

January 17, 2012 by notbond007

Happy New Year!!! I know we have months before this but is there any info available yet? I am looking forward to making my first trip to the cantina for these festivities. It's never too early to plan ahead where I come from. RedHeads sound off if you want to start getting this this show on the road.

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Sorry now news yet. I am hoping to hear something soon, so I can begin booking my accomodations. Well.... That and waiting to see if we are going to do a friend's birthday in Cabo at the same time!!!

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need a date so my wife and i can plan a trip for the birthday bash

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Hey did you find out the date yet? Me and my hubby want to go and party too!!!

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Wow my spelling sux.