Who WAS THE MASTER MIND BEHIND THIS!!!!! Put in for 3 showes did'nt get one When some people got all 4 showes well that rea

July 31, 2012 by Norine Holder
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Really!!! I hope your right That would be great!! Fingers crossed Just wish they would Post something to let us know. I wanna Party with Sammy on my Birthday 10/13... Good luck to you!!

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I signed up for Four shows and nothing also. I wasnt being greedy, I was just trying to increase my odds of getting ticks to a show, maybe two. I dont think this is over, I belive they havent notified all the ticket winners yet. fingers crossed for everyone.

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I requested a ticket for all 4 shows and my husband for 2 shows and we got nothing. And so many of my friends did not get a ticket either. I do know some of the people who got tickets for more than 1 show but they were just lucky. Not happy about this new lottery

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How do i add friends on here Help Please and Thank You!!!!

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I agree Dont get me wrong if i didnt get a ticket (if it was ONE for ONE) I would understand But not this (SOME GOT ALL SHOWS) Thats Dirty pool.. Thats BULLSHIT!!!! Think they got (FARE) mixed up with the price we pay$$$$$$$$$$

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Ya nobody from sammys camp wants to come foward and explain how that happened. Why did they need 3 days to pick the same people. If they were being fair i get it, but they werent. Total bullshit this year, if i was in control and didnt get tics ok. But to take it out of our hands and to it behind close doors is another.

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What the Hell!!! put in for 3 got none!!! OOOO thats real Fare when some people got all 4 shows So Tell me is there a catch to the Dinner Tickets Also... would be real shitty to open the doors only to say (SOLD OUT) How does that happen....