team shaka doobie's bisbee black and blue

October 22, 2015 by no55brando
team shaka doobie's  bisbee black and blue

look on and root us on. no qualifying fish for us yesterday. bigger better ones today. our new lure has to get the big ones. fueled by pacific beer...

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Nice looking lure, good color. I live up North Baja, I frequent a place called Colipso in Rosarito. Joaquin Quino McWhinney plays there when not Turing in the U.S. Quino is the lead sing of Big Mountain, the famous song is Oh Baby I Love Your Way. He would like to get in touch with someone and talk about playing with his band in one of Sammies places. I did not know any other way to get in touch. Thanks Steve

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if a hammerhead shark and a sailfish counted, we would have been big winners. haha... tight lines next year for sure. 3rd place team won 2.5 million us dollars. DREAMS.....