pace down in macchu picchu

May 21, 2013 by no55brando
pace down in macchu picchu

dreams come true, made it to macchu picchu. words are not enough...

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cabojones8's picture

Cant wait to hear all about it. As always see you in Cabo... :)

postalboy's picture

very cool Brando ! Hope to see you in Cabo. Take care and be safe world traveler !!

bob087's picture

Someday my Brother! Maybe when the kids are grown. Will be hitting Mazatlan for the 1st time in 25 years, since I lived there, on June 2nd. Then fly to Cabo, hit La Paz and Loreto for some fishing.

You just be back for October! Wouldn't be the same without you face down in Cabo!

Take care!

CaboWabo'n Cyndi's picture

I am so jealous!!! #6 on my bucket list!!!
Miss'n U Mr Mayor, have lots of fun for all of us work'n ratz.

cabobenito61's picture

Hey Hey Brandon

You’re looking good out there. Wow what a trip you did, I’m jealous.

Come back safe in 1 piece.

Your friend from Montreal


no55brando's picture

yo bob and doug. get yalls asses to peru. altitude was not bad with a little help from some coca tea....

bob087's picture

That's awesome Brando! What a great trip!

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Very cool Brando! A place I have always wanted to visit! How was the air up there?