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September 18, 2015 by no55brando
No Favors
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as for Carla Stead, Cindy Drafahl, Greg and Deb Kelley, Cindy and Frank and myself, we went to Cabo last year to help with whatever we could. We have friends whose houses and neighborhoods in the barrios looked like the ones in the picture. No favors needed, Gracias...

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No Favors

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Harleymomma08's picture

I am blessed to call you my friends, even though Greg & Deb are aka Dale & Cindy in my (long story but funny as hell)! You guys rock! I was very lucky to go to Cabo twice this year and take donations and spend our hard earned money. I couldn't agree more than what the sign reads. Do it because you want to...not because you want something in return. We love seeing the smiles of joy on the wonderful people of Cabo.

We arrive late this year but we will make the most of our week! See y'all on the 10th!


Steve & Norma

CABORED's picture

I have been going to Cabo for over 20 years. and those of us that know you Brando along with The rest of the group know where your heart is. no explanations or favors necessary. see ya in a few weeks. Sherrie

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You all have hearts of gold and you all show the good in this world (where we are reminded every day of so many bad people)... I am honored and blessed to have you all as my friends and I know the people of Cabo are so grateful for all you did... Red love