Back from Tropical Storm Lidia relief..

September 09, 2017 by no55brando
Back from Tropical Storm Lidia relief..

Just back from Cabo helping with relief. I spent the first two days working with Casa del Abuelo. We took many dispensas and clothes to the barrio to the left about a mile up the new toll road. Very bad there cause these shacks were washed away cause they live in the river bottom. Then spent two days working with Sheryl Gardner, long time volunteer with Amigos de los Ninos. Also with Brook Donovan from Redrum fishing. We helped put together two areas for kitchens that the families are able to cook meals for over 100 people per day. This is in colonial guerrero below Caribe. Sheryl and her team did an outstanding job that will have a long lasting impact on many families there. The kitchens were named Comedor Lidia and Comedor Lagunitas. Sheryl has a gofundme and any money will help to keep these kitchens stocked until they are able to sustain this on their own. Tropical storm lidia relief fund. Sheryl Gardner, Langley, BC. The tourist areas will be fine in no time, but come Oct. remember to help a little extra when tipping your waiter or bartender or any other in the service industry. These are the ones really affected from this storm. See yall face down in Oct. Brando...

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Thank you for helping the people in Cabo that lost everything. They are the ones that pamper us during our visits. I am bringing down extra items. Can we rally the Cantina to facilitate a drop off locating at the Cantina for all of us coming down?

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Thanks so much for all the hard work you do. I'm buyin Beers for you!! see ys in Oct.

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Not sure, but was a lot of water flooding through 1st floors of the Riu's.

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God bless you for your help man. I am just really curious about how my hotel is going to be. Dont get me wrong, we are bringing supplies for the locals, i always do. Since the first time I heard Sammy mention Amigos de los Ninos we have been donating. However My 18 yr. old son and I are looking forward to a vacation. I have read some bad things about Riu Santa Fe hotel the last few days. Anyone with any updates would be greatly appreciated.