11th annual Cerritos beach, B.C.S. cobra hunt

September 30, 2015 by no55brando
11th annual Cerritos beach, B.C.S. cobra hunt

October 14th is opening day for the 11th annual Baja south cobra hunt. I hear they will be thick this year. Bring your cobra clubs... 10 means 10. Peace, love and hairgrease, adios, Brando...

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Harleymomma08's picture

Carol - you will love Cerritos Beach. It's the highlight of our trip to Cabo. The last time we went, there were no snakes involved but y'all never know.

See y'all on the 14th!

carol piechota's picture

Im starting to think there are no snakes involved and Im gullible. Sounds fun, hope there is room for 6 maybe 8 of us. See you than!!

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10 am on the 14th. in front of mar de cortez hotel. half a block up from cabo wabo. 45 mins to Cerritos beach, back to mar de at 6. 20 bucks. full service at Cerritos beach. www.cerritosbcs.com cobra clubs and cobra hunting can be discussed over a cold pacifico... haha,... 10 means 10. buses leave at 10. another funny story to be told over a cold pacifico.

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Hola...Not sure I want to really do this but, where and what time is the bus? The cost what do you need to bring (cobra club)? Feeling brave at the moment.....Thanks tons!

Harleymomma08's picture

Hell yeah...10 means 10

Cerritos Beach Cobra Hunt...oh my...I have 6 in my group. Just tell us how much we need to bring for the bus...

See you on the 10th!