2010 Birthday Bash !!!

July 24, 2010 by Nick Masini

I'm F@*#ing excited about the new way they're selling B-Day Bash Tics ! One of the things i like about Sammy the most is you KNOW he cares about his fans . You can tell by the e-mail he really wants some people that haven't made it into a show , a chance to finally get in ! I know it will be hard for the awesome fans on here that have been goin to Cabo forever , but for eveyone to have the best chance i think everyone should try and pick one maybe two shows . I do respect the many people that have been going forever and sitting in line (been there myself )for every show . I know it's alot to ask and understand if someone wants to see ever show . I for one am going to try for one or two shows . I've been three times and never been in for the 13th . I'm not even going to try that day ....i'll leave that for the people that go EVERY year . Thats because I respect their dedication ! So please give the rest of use a chance at one show and don't buy 100 tics to every show .

See ya in Cabo , Nick

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That was well said! Neither myself or my husband has seen Sammy in Cabo, and before we heard about the B-Day Bash this year, we already had a trip planned to our timeshare in Cabo for that week! I'm so excited, I can't wait to see Sammy on his B-day (having just celebrated mine!!). We're also gonna see him at the OC Fair on August 4th. I hope they play some Chickenfoot stuff!! Love it!!

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I dig your style Nick!

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well put.