October 13, 2015

March 18, 2015 by nick1013
October 13, 2015
Me and my sweetie

Dear Mr. Hagar (or whomever may read this)!

Sammy and I share the same birthday, albeit he's slightly more famous and admired.

I've seen the Red Rocker perform on many occasions (Reno, Vegas and Tahoe) and have heard his live show at the Wabo is an absolute blast.

So, here's the downlow: I'm turning the ripe, young age of 50 this October 13, 2015 and have chosen to travel to Cabo San Lucas and celebrate this milestone with several friends.

Please let me know if Mr. H will be performing. It would be a blast to share this experience with someone who boxed his way to the top.

Cheers and stay thirsty,


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I hope to be there this Oct 13, 2015 also to celebrate my 40th! This has been my bucket list 40th bday plan for about 5 years. Hope that we will all party together with Sammy! :)


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It would be highly unlikely that he wouldn't be playing the club on that date. The reason being is that date is always the last show of his birthday bash run at the club. If they do the dates like previous years shows will be the 7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th. The ticketing has been by lottery style drawing for general show type. The official announcement is likely at least a couple of months away.