June 28, 2021 by nateski99

IF someone gets the password to the STRAT VEGAS SHOWS, can you post it to me please. Need the presale code, when it comes out. Tomorrow I guess.

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Something has come up for me and I will not be able to attend the November 6th show. I have one ticket at the Strat. Section D Booth 35 Row B35 seat 1. The system allows one to forward tickets via email. I am not interested in ripping people off; I only want what I paid. $125. If interested please email me at I will forward the mobile ticket/barcode (showing not scanned). I would be willing to wait for payment until the scan proves valid. Just because I trust Redheads!

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Wow - I must have been meant to get the VIP tickets because I got them right away when tickets went on sale. No problem. I normally wouldn't spend that kind of money, but we got gipped last year when I spent good money on seats, and everything was canceled.

Never know when the opportunity will arise, I guess.

However, we're STILL waiting for our CD that we were supposed to get with our ticket purchase in 2019. SMH.

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I'm right there with you. I was online several minutes before sale time. Ready to buy VIP tickets for my husband and myself. NOTHING! Luckily, after several minutes of frustration and almost ready to give up, I was able to get tickets for the 12th. Way in the back, which is better than nothing, but I really had my heart set on getting a meet-n-greet. Here's something weird though, a couple of days ago, I received a DM on my Instagram from a man claiming to be Sammy's personal assistant and he's telling me that Sammy instructed him to contact me after reading my post. Hmmmm... I cannot imagine this being legit and I'm thinking Sammy's people should be made aware

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The ticket brokers ruin it for the rest of us! Seeing Sammy and the Circle was on my bucket list. Was ready to spend the $650.00 for my wife and I to meet Sammy in Vegas. I was on right at 11:00 on all 6 of these shows and it said not enough inventory. So like others I googled it and the ticket brokers were selling them for 3X. I will scratch it off my bucket list before I will make the ticket brokers rich...Such bullshit!!!

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I had the code to get some tickets! I am so mad, I was on right on time and tickets were gone in 10 minutes for last 2 shows, then I go to ticket vendors and they rip you off!!! I HATE these agencies that come in and buy up tickets and sell them for 3 times the price. The little guy has no chance in this life anymore!! Rock on Sammy, will hopefully catch you down the road somewhere!!!

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Anybody get the code yet??

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Anybody get the code yet??

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what is todays code?

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Keep checking I just got 2 tickets 15 minutes ago to a Saturday show not best seats but its a small place - and if all else fails on Thursday when they go to general public they usually release more.

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If you go to each ticket link it says the password is REDHEAD.

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Good Luck!

We logged in right away and all shows are sold out. Never fails.. It seems they're sold out before they hit the market.

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Can’t figure out how to get VIP for the Vegas shows !??!

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Wow, Group Photo for that Price!? No Thanks

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I was thinking the same but you never know

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for that price it has to be individual

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Cannot wait!! Need that password!!

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Does anyone know if the Photo with Sammy in the VIP Package is an Individual or Group Photo ?

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Excited , I hope we get the password.

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Strat emailed back and said password will be posted to this website before

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Yeah, we're all wondering about that password too...