2014 in South Lake Tahoe - NEVADA

February 03, 2014 by nateski99

It's starting to feel like that itime of year again. does anyone know about Tahoe dates yet for Cinco De Cabo???

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what up with the tickets for the tahoe cinco de drinko show is it going to happen or not.

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I'm waiting on this too... Hope they announce soon. Love Cinco de Sammy!

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I am im-patiently waiting for the dates. I ususally see him in Tahoe in September but I don't think I can wait that long.

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Tickets went onsale last year March 29. Only 5 weeks before shows. Shows should be May 2-3,2014.

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Who knows since cinco de mayo is on a monday and sammy plays tahoe on that weekend it could be 2th / 3th of may either way tickets should be on sale by now the show only three months away and people travel from all over the world just to see him in this small venue and need to book flights.

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Kentucky Derby is May 3rd, my guess is it's going to be that weekend. I hope so, O.A.R. is in S.F. at Independent the next weekend. Already ticketed for that. Never missed a Sammy Tahoe show, so I hope I don't have to give up O.A.R. tics.