One of the best shows!!!

One of the best shows!!!
Sammy givin love
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WOW! What a cool story! It's that REDHEAD synergy going on again! It was meant to BE!!! :-D

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And a funny story to go with this ( show) photo... So I throw my Club 1013 lanyard on stage...( spelling? ) I looked for a good hour after the show trying to find it.. Nothing ( I think the guys wanted me out of there but I didn't want to leave) So I was over it. Well then a couple weeks later, I'm in line at the Best buy signing telling the story of my lanyard, And The girl behind me says" Is your name Nannette? " and I say " Yes" And she goes " I have your lanyard" Sammy thru it back & she caught it. That's how I met Kim & Mark.... Now great redhead friends!!!

: )