Just a Wake Up!

October 01, 2010 by MVD5150
Just a Wake Up!

Redheads - I am happy to report:

1) Me & my little lady Leave for Cabo tomorrow at 9:30am

2) 1 Week from today - I will be at the Cantina as Sammy opens the bash

3) 10 Days from now I am getting hitched in Cabo on the beach. (Feel free to send me gifts!)

4) 13 Days from now I will be at the Cantina watching Sammy close the bash

"I wanna fly, leaving yesterday - And wake up in the high of a paradise - Into the Tropic of Capricorn"!!

Hope to have some shots with some Redheads from the site. See you on the beach, at the Cantina, Jungle Bar or all the above.

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Congrats ... see you on the beach and in the cantina

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Congratulations to you both!!
We almost have the exact same itineary as you do.
We leave Tues.the 5th and are getting married on the beach 10/10/10 too!!!Party with Sammy on the 11th and 13th. Hopefully we see you there and have a shot or 2 to celebrate!!
Andrea and Wayne

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if you tried to cram any more awesomeness into one trip, I'm pretty sure it'd be illegal.

Congrats to you both and have a blast!!