Help From B-Day Show Veterans - What To Expect

August 16, 2010 by MVD5150
Help From B-Day Show Veterans - What To Expect

This one is for those Redheads who have been to previous birthday show(s):

1) My girl and I are heading to 2 of the 4 shows in October and because she is a little on the shorter side (5’ 1”), I wanted to know what your suggestion(s) would be to find a spot to insure she can see the show. We do not need to be next to the stage, but I want to know just how packed it gets. We have been to the Cantina many times so any details would be great!

2) What time do you recommend getting in line?

3) How hard is getting booze the night of the show. 500 people seems like a lot for that club.


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Just start a circle pit and then crowd surf to the front!! no wait wrong concert, just stick to the elevated section like the other redheads suggest. And getting there early is a good way to meet the most loyal fans, the hardcore redheads are always there early.

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That is an awesome idea Existentialist. Thanks. Getting to the elevated spots are a great idea. I forgot about them because they are closed when I have been there in the past.


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There is an elevated section at the back end of the dining room/dance floor. My girlfriend is only 5'3'' so that's where we hang out and she can see fine. I would recommend getting in line several hours beforehand if you want to be able to choose your spot. Just come down with several beers and/or switch off with someone to go grab a drink. Lastly, the servers are surprisingly adept and handling the crowd. I've never felt like I had to wait an excessive amount of time.

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500 people will be a blessing!! In years past, didn't we WISH there were only 500 people in there!!! At times it was so hot and stuffy, you couldn't hardly those of you this year...what a GIFT !!!!!
Cheers from Sacramento

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Thanks! That is perfect.

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Either get there real early to get a close up spot in front of the stage or get a spot back where it steps up to the bar in the back of the show room.

I get there about 6:30 and never had a problem with getting my spot.

Servers move through the crowd to take orders for drinks.