Can't Give Sammy My Money!!

August 03, 2010 by MVD5150
Can't Give Sammy My Money!!


When will merchandising be back and available on the site? On either this or the Cantina's site? Would like to get a new shirt prior to the B-Day Bash shows. Doesn't Sammy want my money any more?!?!

Stoked about the shows on the 8th & 13th. See you all there!

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Thank you. I appricate the time you took to get back to me.

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Sammy decided to change fulfillment companies for online merch and is currently considering options for how to proceed. For the time being you'll have to pick up your gear at shows, at the cantina or other online retailers. We currently don't don't endorse or link to any of them, but a simple search will pull up some options to tie you over. Good luck!

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Nice Wooky!! Couldn't agree more!!!!

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Me too want to buy some stuff...ha ha but for real I like getting stuff on line better than at the show so you don't carry it around all night are we going to get a online store ? :) CSWS

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$55 Bash tickets, $90 dinner tickest, no Sammy doesn't want our money!