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Michael DiBella
August 02, 2010
Bronxville, NY
March 19

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Oct 1, 2010
Just a Wake Up!
Just a Wake Up!

Redheads - I am happy to report:

1) Me & my little lady Leave for Cabo tomorrow at 9:30am

2) 1 Week from today - I will be at the Cantina as Sammy opens the bash

3) 10 Days from now I am getting hitched in Cabo on the beach. (Feel free to send me gifts!)

4) 13 Days from now I will be at the Cantina watching Sammy close the bash

"I wanna fly, leaving yesterday - And wake up in the high of a paradise - Into the Tropic of Capricorn"!!

Hope to have some shots with some Redheads from the site. See you on the beach, at the Cantina, Jungle Bar or all the above.

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Aug 16, 2010
Help From B-Day Show Veterans - What To Expect
Help From B-Day Show Veterans - What To Expect

This one is for those Redheads who have been to previous birthday show(s):

1) My girl and I are heading to 2 of the 4 shows in October and because she is a little on the shorter side (5’ 1”), I wanted to know what your suggestion(s) would be to find a spot to insure she can see the show. We do not need to be next to the stage, but I want to know just how packed it gets. We have been to the Cantina many times so any details would be great!

2) What time do you recommend getting in line?

3) How hard is getting booze the night of the show. 500 people seems like a lot for that club.

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Aug 3, 2010
Can't Give Sammy My Money!!
Can't Give Sammy My Money!!


When will merchandising be back and available on the site? On either this or the Cantina's site? Would like to get a new shirt prior to the B-Day Bash shows. Doesn't Sammy want my money any more?!?!

Stoked about the shows on the 8th & 13th. See you all there!

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Aug 2, 2010

Saw Sammy at an amazing show in 2006 in Camden, NJ. Now I am headed to Cabo to get married and see him again. See you on October 8th…My last event before my marriage on the 10th!!!

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