USOC T-Shirt Pre-Order Update.

August 10, 2010 by murmur

Thanks to all of the Redheads that pre-ordered an official UNITED STATES OF CABO T-Shirt. I can't wait to see everyone wearing these custom shirts and tank tops down in Cabo in October!

The pre-ordering has ended and the order has gone into the printer with an expected arrival to me on August 23. I will then sort the orders and ship the shirts to you, along with limited edition USOC and Murmur Films pins! Expect all orders to arrive by mid September.

Thanks again for your continued support and be sure to watch for an exclusive teaser trailer coming this Fall!


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 3  Redhead Comments

me's picture

Can't wait to get my shirt Murray and looking forward to the rockumentary....I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times, YOU ROCK!!!

GNR's picture

Murray you ROCK!!!! I can't wait to get mine. But I am most happy about seeing the trailer. I assume it will be pre-Cabo. I can't wait to see you there. Are we going to have a repeat of Tahoe??? You, me and CT again? Just sayin'..... ;-)

I can't wait friend!!


Redlover's picture

OH COOL Murray! Maybe mine will be here so I can wear it to the Fresno show on October 6th! That would be GREAT!
Thanks for making all this possible for us!

Rock ON Red~Bro!!!!